A General Plan For Human Survival

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The Human Manifesto: A General Plan For Human Survival
describes a radical belief and action system that provides the individual with genuine methods for self-esteem development while the collective employment of that system will improve the quality of life for all people and enhance the survival prospects of the human species. 
Based upon the writings of Ernest Becker, primarily his 1973 Pulitzer Prize winning book, "The Denial of Death," The Human Manifesto demonstrates that we are socialized by family, teachers, friends and media to construct Life Immortality Elusions, or LIEs –  in order to repress the apparent meaninglessness of life caused by the prospect of death.

What The Human Manifesto proposes is a rejection of the LIEs inspired by present cultural systems and replacing them with a "Genuine Hero System" based upon beliefs that sanctify the human species and promote a quest for the existence and nature of God. This new belief system will motivate each of us to engage in actions that improve the quality of life for each other, enhance the survivability of the human species, and inspire a quest for the true nature of God and the Cosmos through spiritual, intellectual and scientific examination.  Only by such radical change of viewpoint can mankind avoid what Ernest Becker feared was the ultimate destiny of the human species – doom.

The Human Manifesto was favorably reviewed in September 2011 by Ernest Becker Foundation Director Professor Daniel Liechy.  You can access the complete review by clicking here:  Leichty_Review.pdf
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